All About Andrea Mae Griep

There are a million things I could tell you about myself, but then again I don't want you to think I have a big head. I grew up in the quaint little town of Le Sueur, Minnesota in a very loving home out in the country. Creativity has always been a big part of my life and I have tried my hand at most kinds of art: drawing, painting, stained glass, metal working (the list keeps going). And I have loved most types of art in some way, shape or form. However, the art I am most passionate (some might say obsessive) about is photography. Portrait photography to be exact. There is so much satisfaction when you realize that you have captured a beautiful moment of time. Almost as if time stood still just long enough for you to document just the right expression with just the right light with your camera at just the right settings. A moment of perfection. A pearl. My pearl. And I have made it my mission to collect these pearls and share them. Welcome to Andrea Mae Photography, creating the pearls of photography.