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An introduction to the girl behind the lens and the face of 

Andrea Mae Photography


Andrea Mae.... that's me! Creativity, art and design run in my blood and have always been a passion of mine.  I thrive on putting the skills I've been blessed with to good use, although I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby it wasn't my "big plan."  Over the years I have tried my hand at many different medians of art; drawing, painting, stained glass, metal work (and the list keeps going), however dance was my first true love.  My original goal in life was to be a ballerina, can you believe it? I know!  After some serious consideration and soul searching I came to realize that a girl with southern Minnesota roots and no intention of moving far from home would have a tough time making it as a ballerina in a small town and would need a more lucrative career to get by in life.  Upon graduation from high school pursuing a degree in graphic design seemed a much more practical decision and came in at a close second to my dream of being a dancer.  Although my parents were my first and biggest fans when it came to my dancing skills they were pleased as pie that I didn't dance off into the sunset in a pink tutu.  I am very thankful for the path I've traveled thus far in life.  I would not be here writing my very first blog post as owner and operator of a photography studio, I couldn't have even imagined in my dreams, had I not taken this route.  That being said there are still days that I dream of being a ballerina!  I have, however, come to accept the fact that I can just pretend to be one when I am dancing like crazy in my cozy clothes with my amazingly supportive husband, Andy and my two year old son, William, in our farmhouse kitchen. Or when playing dress up for a fabulous portrait session by a dear friend who also happens to be a photographer, Angela Archer Bruns. 


My journey from college to present day has been a whirlwind of excitement and joy.  Marrying my husband and becoming a mother are two of my greatest endeavors and have shaped me in ways that make me appreciate my chosen profession more each day.  During my college years Andy and I got engaged, so the hunt for a wedding photographer was on.  At the time I was also looking for an internship to complete my degree.  As luck would have it I found both at the studio of one of southern Minnesota's finest photographers. Upon graduation, Daniel Dinsmore Photography, with whom I completed my internship under, offered me a position as a graphic designer and studio assistant.  When I accepted the position my intentions were never to become a photographer.  I was there to put my degree to good use designing and creating anything and everything that goes along with photographic display and archiving.  I was his behind the scenes: album,  graduation or birth announcement, wall display creating, you name it and I create it, design guru.  

Collage2Collage2 Spending my days as an assistant in a photography studio my creative brain couldn't help but pay attention and soak in all the information I was learning or overhearing by just being present.  The process of going from graphic designer/studio assistant to full fledged photographer was so gradual I hardly noticed.  I would learn a new tip or trick by just being exposed to the environment.  All these little bits of information would sit patiently waiting in my brain until a time came when I would pull out my simple camera and casually goof around with a family member or friend taking photos.  It was those times that got me day dreaming about being a professional in the business.  My creativity would take over and it was easy for me to implement the things I had learned and capture a nice photograph. As I gained the skills and knowledge on what it takes to be a professional in the business the desire to focus all this creative energy I have into my own business became harder to ignore.  So, with a leap of faith and unwavering support from my husband and family I ventured out on my own and created...


If you would have told me the day I graduated from high school that I was going to end up being a photographer, I would have thought the idea was super cool but I'm not so sure I would have actually believed you.  Now, three years into my journey as an entrepreneur in the portrait world, I can not imagine life any other way.  The lucky thing about running your own business is that your are the boss, sometimes that part gets me stuck as making decisions isn't my strong suit, maybe it's because I just think things through way too much. But do you want to know the best thing about being in the drivers seat? I get complete and total creative control!  My work consistently reflects my personal classic vintage style, with just a touch of that southern Minnesota small town country girl (or if there is a tutu involved, ballerina) charm.  Using my creative vision to design a set that evokes the feelings of yesteryear, or being given the opportunity to interact and capture a sweet itty-bitty newborn baby in their first days of life and turn it into not only a special photo but a beautiful piece of art for a family to cherish is an amazingly awesome gift.  It's also what makes me thrive!  


I have been lucky enough to discover my talent and develop a skill that is truly meaningful, focusing my attention and creative spirit on something that will leave a legacy for many generations to come.  Family,  people, love - it's truly is the essence of humanity.   Freezing a moment in time, as if the world has stopped for just a split second, to capture a person just as they are, and cherish them forever.  Being given that opportunity is a blessing each and every client entrusts me with and I am forever grateful to be a part of so many of life's special moments.  My clients, their unique stories, and these special moments inspire and encourage me to keep pursuing my dream, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Given the past 6 years and the crazy cool journey I've been on of becoming a photographer and business owner, I can not fathom where the next 5 or 10 years will take me, but know that I will have my camera (a few lenses and maybe even a back up camera) with me along the way! 

BlogLogoBlogLogo I hope to give you a behind the scenes look at all the fun I get to have interacting with my clients to document, capture, and share in their special and unique stories.  A girl (that's me!) armed with a camera and a whole lot of creativity, mixed with some:  pleasant, entertaining, funny, enjoyable, and sometimes just a touch crazy, but always wonderful clients should give me a lot to write about.  The least of a photographers job is actually looking through the lens and taking the picture, the rest of the job is spent preparing to capture that one split second.  The essence of my profession.

A perfect photograph of a perfect moment.

A pearl.

Classic, distinguished, and timeless!

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LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I always knew you could do it and am glad to have watched your journey unfold!!!
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