Baby Steps

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Baby Steps - documenting a year of firsts with baby Liam and his family! 


I consider it an honor when a family contacts me with news of a new baby on the horizon to schedule a newborn session.  Newborn photography is my passion and I am flattered each and every time a family entrusts me with the responsibility of documenting their new bundle of joy.     

H-84-EditH-84-Edit  Capturing the purity and innocence of a brand new itty-bitty is best accomplished when the baby is under 14 days old.  Typically new babies, like Liam, are very sleepy in those first days, which is key to a highly successful session.  True newborns are most content and relaxed when asleep, which in turn allows me time to pose and perfect each photograph.  A typical newborn session runs much longer than your standard portrait session and provides time for baby to be comforted, rocked, changed and even fed.  We pull out all the stops to try and keep baby as content as possible while in the studio for that first session.  Although I have many tried and true tricks to keep those eyes closed and baby sleeping soundly sometimes they just don't cooperate and instead we get to see their big bright eyes!  As you can see, when this happens, it's just as cute!


Documenting the tiny details and the smallness of a newborn is just as precious as a full portrait.  The little fingers and toes only stay that way for a short while and it's especially nice to preserve those initial features for eternity.      Collage6Collage6

Whether it's baby number one or baby number four that first family photo speaks volumes! Capturing joy and love like this can't be underestimated!  A treasured moment for everyone.  


Birth announcements are a very typical way to share the news of a new baby but during a newborn session we will end up with way too many to fit on the announcement! Another great display option and keepsake is a custom designed album.  Albums provide a wonderful way to have all the favorite photos from a session displayed in one place and there will always be space on a bookshelf or coffee table to keep your memories close - even many years into the future! 


Liam had his second portrait session at 6-months of age.  Typically at about 6 months babies are sitting with little to no assistance, making it fun to capture them from a different angle.      HA-18HA-18

In Liam's session, it was particularly fun to highlight the special mother/son relationship these two have and capture their interactions.  Mom was thrilled we took these photos and now displays this series of images on lovely gallery wrapped canvas.  There is great value in including a mother in any portrait session with her children, far too often mom is the one taking the photos and doesn't have photos of herself with her children.


For Liam's 6 month session we made custom designed mini books for his grandparents.  This provides another great and more cost effective option to share a series of photos in a unique and fun way without taking up a lot of space!  Mini books are truly a hit!


Liam recently celebrated his first birthday! Look at that handsome smile! 


Anyone with a one-year-old knows you have to move quickly, and with a portrait session that is no exception.  Running shoes are a wardrobe staple!  With new found skills like walking and vast amounts of curiosity, we get a HUGE variety of poses and expressions within a very short amount of time! Sometimes it goes from laughter and smiles to tears and tantrums within 30 seconds! Babies on the verge of toddlerhood change in the blink of an eye; from sitting to standing to walking (and sometimes running) so we are thoughtful with our choice of props and sets to accommodate and intrigue just long enough to hopefully capture a big smile!   


Liam's parents were great at incorporating special items that were important to them.  Liam has a special duck and loves to read so they brought items from home and we used them as part of a set.  This is a great way to showcase a special item and document a little's personality and what they enjoy!


A big part of the one-year session is the cake smash set! Liam loves the movie Cars and his mom was already planning a Cars themed birthday party. So naturally, we went with that theme!  A cake smash set can be as simple or elaborate as a family would like it to be.  With Kara on my team, we have been able to create some very fun sets and custom banners!  Cake smash sessions do require some planning and assembly prior to the session, and after chatting with Liam's mom we decided to incorporate some of his birthday party decor into the set.


From birth to one year there are many firsts to document! I am always pleased to be involved in preserving those special memories and helping my clients find fun and unique ways to display and gift their photographs! Liam's parents choose a portrait package that included his sessions and a few of the products they decided to order. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know each and every child that comes through the studio doors and it's especially fun when I get to document all of those special moments! Many thanks to Liam and his family for sharing their year of firsts!


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