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Sophie is another lovely young lady that has been an important part of my life and photography journey. Not only is she my cousin, she was the flower girl in my wedding and we have a long history together. 

Blog9Blog9 Sophie was one of my first models as I started my photography career and has returned annually for a portrait session.  Our yearly sessions have provided her family with a way to document and capture her growth and budding personality over the past several years.  


Sophie is so full of life! She is a bright, energetic and joyful girl, that is a natural in front of the camera (if you couldn't tell by the pictures).  She is easy to pose and is very expressive.  During our sessions I have been able to capture many years of of those beautiful smiles, fun outfits and a huge variety expressions.  All things that are going to be fun to look back on someday!

Blog8Blog8     I always look forward to our sessions together and enjoy working with this well mannered young lady.  Sophie's passion for dance and gymnastics is a common interest we share.  I have no doubt that her years of practice in these sports has helped to make her a natural in front of the camera.


With a good balance of positivity, light heartedness and just the right amount of goofiness, Sophie has a fabulous outlook on life.  I know Sophie will excel in whatever she puts her mind to.


A lot goes into getting great portraits like Sophie's.  Starting with the client's specific needs and desires for a session greatly determines the location and setting for a photoshoot.  In this case Sophie's mom requested a summertime session and with lots of floral elements.  Many of her past shoots have been in the fall or wintertime. 

S-225S-225   Blog3Blog3   The next consideration on my list is a client's style and the vibe they want their photos to project.  A client's clothing and outfit selection guide the direction of a session.  Documenting each client or family's personal style is very important to me and to best prepare for a session I like to have a sense of what the clients vision is for their photos a head of time.  In order to best capture my client's desired style it is very important that we chat about these things before the scheduled session date.  Before Sophie's most recent session we had a phone consult and discussed her outfit selection and what she and her mom were hoping to capture.  Because I had a sense of what she would be wearing I was able to bring props (like the chair pictured below) that coordinated well and fit the vision they had for the session.    Blog7Blog7

Time is also a large factor in setting the tone for a session.  There are many considerations taken into place when thinking about time in regards to a session; the two most important are the time of year (or season), and the time of day.  It is very common for people in Minnesota to inquire and request fall photo sessions given the beauty of the changing seasons and  fall colors, however, what most don't realize is that wedding season runs from April through October.  That means most of my summer and fall weekends are booked solid long before the seasons even begin.  Booking sessions on weekdays (or weeknights) offer more flexibility with scheduling and coordinating during the busy summer and fall seasons.     


Time of day is the second most important consideration when discussing the time of a session.  If possible and when scheduling permits I prefer to schedule sessions in the few hours before sunset.  On my end, shooting in the evening hours offers beautiful even light because the sun is low in the sky.  On the clients end it allows for beautiful sunsets in the backgrounds of their photos and a glow that they wouldn't otherwise have in the harsh light of day when the sun is high in the sky.  The above photo provides a wonderful example of that glowing sunset just behind Sophie, which illuminates her hair to give the effect of a halo. The photo below is also a great example of that low sunlight peaking through the trees.

S-156S-156    As mentioned Fall is the most requested time of year for portraits, however, as you can see in the photo below, capturing beautiful colors or evoking the feeling of a season can be dictated by more than the season itself. Here Sophie is wearing a brightly colored top that shows off her arms giving the photo a bright summery feel.  Had she been wearing a long sleeve top in a warm fall-ish color the same photograph would evoke an entirely different feeling.  Meaning we can take those Christmas card photos most anytime of year - just gear your wardrobe choices towards the feelings you'd like to portray in your photos and inform me of your desires!     Blog1Blog1

S-150S-150 S-149-EditS-149-Edit  Many thanks to Sophie for being a great example and helping me showcase the considerations that go into each and every photo session!  

Blog2Blog2 With a little bit of prep, taking the time to chat with me about your style, wardrobe choices and the vibe you want to portray; your session can turn out just as wonderfully as Sophie's did! 



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